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Work in progress

I had a dream, I was on an empty beach and walking along the sand. Out on the far there was a huge black object. A giant whale laying dead on the shore. I walked closer to the stranded body and up to it’s parted mouth. Inside I could see thousands of photographs that had choked the mammal to its death. Many were pureed into abstract shapes, others were fragmented and visible. I woke up to realize my subconscious had made a parallelism between photographic excess and waste.

We live in an environment saturated of images and consumption. It is well known, these many images become disposable. Photography becomes trash that accumulates in hard drives and the cloud.

Through a fake documentary narrative and staged images this project reflects metha photographically on image production and consumption as parallel to the usage of products, plastic and waste in relation to the environment.

Imagine all the photographs produced piling up in mountains at the dump yards. A mountain trail where you find rusted photographs on the sides. What if there was an island in the Pacific Ocean made of the discarded images and photographs that are automatically removed after ten seconds from Snapchat and Instagram messages?

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