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Developed between Taiyuan, rural Shanxi, Beijing and Madrid, this project is an intimate portrait of Shan (Li Shixing, China)
From the shock of a migrant that returns to her hometown just to find herself as an stranger, a tourist. Where her childhood's neighborhood has literally disappeared and all of her friends have families or are abroad and no longer accesible. A person that refused the usual scheme of studies, a stable job and a marriage to move outside. A country involved in such a fast paced change that she cannot keep track. A search to redefine identity and belonging, that serves as a basis to develop her inner art world in a personal way. Which, contrary to the many Chinese artists living abroad, it is centered in self exploration and not denounce and politics.
The project articulates using diptychs that create new images as a whole, at the same time that they link ideas and concepts from similarity or opposition, time and perspectives.

Shan (Li Shixing)
Born in Taiyuan in 1988 (Shanxi Province, China) Arrived in Madrid from Beijing, in 2013 to finish her architecture studies at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Since then she has accompanied her architecture studies with jobs in design, interior design and her own painting and illustration works.


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