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A series that portrays the nights of two photography festivals: The world-wide known Rencontres d'Arles and the small Encontros do Imagen in Braga.
Far from the glamour and artistry known to these events I focus on the "Off". The darker yet magical side that visitors experience but never capture or remember. The images that vanish from the mind the morning after. The festival weeks in these cities are filled with the unexpected that flows through the streets creating these special atmospheres in the festival and what surrounds it.



Les Rencontres Off: Arles


Subseries on the nights of the photography festival Rencontres d'Arles 2015. A different view and approach of the fancy festival as it shows the other side of it. The aftermath of late parties, the dark spots of this beautiful Provençal town.
In a noir and mysterious gritty tone the Arles Set (14 Photographs) unveils storys. Love, haze, drunkeness, amusement and confussion through the knwon and hidden corners of the town.


Encontros Off: Braga

The Braga Set (16 photographs) contrast itself keeping the noir mood more poetical to fullfill and counterpart. In a sense of a timeless place where the magic of fog, photography, music and baroque are akwardly yet magnificently mix: beautiful stragnefulness.

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