While the ones in power play their cards on the board game, one wonders about the truth of what we are being told. A world of fake-news and decisions
taken from the safe distance of the office that spread through tweets, and the word of mouth share in social media. The perspectives of reality in the image
they project and the consequences of their decisions, can be lost.

Therefore we can sometimes interpret the lies as real, but also see what we want to see mirrored within our expectations and prejudices that can opaque reality.

This collection of images related to mechanisms of power, surveillance and control, challenges the viewers by turning into witnesses before voyeuristic photographs that seem real. Are they? Are the true events of politics, their spheres of power and their consequences the way they are shown? Are the clichés, stereotypes or fiction bigger than reality? Can the collective memory of power be erased and re-installed just like a plug-in?


​© Álvaro Gómez Pidal 2020

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