We live in a society where the ones in power might not be the personalities we see in the media, rather those unknown ones that hide behind them.

In this absence of information where we only see the performative side of things, the image of power behind the performance relies on our own imagination. Reflecting ourselves in the perception of images as we project our expectations and judgements towards each frame we observe. Creating an opaque mirror where a new image of power is redefined.


This collection of images related to mechanisms of power, surveillance and control, challenges the viewers by turning into witnesses before voyeuristic photographs that seem real. Or are they staged? Are the true events of politics, their spheres of power and their consequences the way they are shown and the way we imagine them to be? Are the clichés, stereotypes or fiction bigger than reality covering up for the absence of information? Can the collective memory of power be transformed and re-installed just like a plug-in?