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After the economic and democratic crisis in Spain between 2008 and 2015 with the disillusionment after the partially failed 15M movements, then worsen by the recent pandemic, there is among a large part of the youth, a feeling of being adrift at a turning point and transition where the standards and aspirations of previous generations have lost value and meaning: The traditional family is questioned and no longer works for many, religion as an existential anchor is long gone and most young people do not see desirable job opportunities or the possibility of achieving the standard of living that was promised to them.


Mental health is as unstable as the fluctuation of the markets. It is difficult to look into the future and it becomes more important to just live from day to day. The streets and the night become the space to be reclaimed. A youth thirsty for affection, intimacy, care, identity and recognition. From the protests of social movements to the urge to un-inhibit themselves from all the pressure, the need for leisure is vital, producing new spaces in which to be unproductive through collectivity. Noise and chaos attempts to occupy the emptiness while trying to find a place, physical, social, vital or spiritual where to come together and overcome the difficulties. It is in this context and in Madrid where this diary takes place.

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