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A project about my generation,

After the economic and democratic crisis in Spain from 2008 to 2015, youth seemed to be lost in a new transitional world in which all previous standards had lost their value and needed to be redefined.

Through friends and common ones I portray what sourrounds me with a resilient feeling of not giving up. Claming the night and the street as our space since  propper housing and jobs are unaccessible to the majority. A youth that is thirsty for affection, care, intimacy, identity and recognition. From the social movements to the same urge to deinhibit from all the pressure given.


Shows a pattern that can be understood in cycles generation after generation of young individuals. Therefore the black and white imagery sets the mood for the most contemporary happenings while being timeless. A collective memory of a certain period that celebrates their love and fight in the midst of havoc as an image collection, collaged in the form of a diary.

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