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This series develops two concepts: The Illusion of motion and bringing back what is tangible to the images.


As a filmmaker and photographer, you realise both mediums are very alike. This work appeals to the brotherhood of both. Making photographs from movies and movies from photographs.

These are 16mm film strip scans. From short films to travel diaries, documentary and home movies. In an attempt to bring closer the small frames, showcase the difference between each one in the sequence or the stillness of the scene. What makes the illusion of movement sometimes being very subtle and other times very dramatic. It is a return to basics in the retinal persistence that lets the magic take place.

We live in a digital world of images and we often forget about how the physics of light works. As analog medium is disappearing, feels important to bring back the image in a physical way. As everything is a binary code that needs a computer to be screened it means our images are rather virtual, existing in an abstract way and not existing to our eyes at the same time.

Enlarging these film strips shows the sides, perforations, scratches and stains Inherent to film. And even the results of camera jam and loop-plull-down-claw carvings and mechanical errors. It can be seen that it has a physical interaction to it.


These images are thought to be printed onto a transparent surface. Therefore they become a three dimensional object despite of having a two dimensional image. As Light can shine through and alter what we see. This brings an sculptorical sense to the pictures adding tangible depth.

Each diptych has its own micro-story where the viewer can imagine the motion and the unclear and abstract themes that lie behind. 


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