Captura de pantalla 2020-10-06 a las 19.

First exhibition in space



-Open Walls Arles - Winner photograph exhibited at Gallerie Huit Arles and cureted by The Brithish Journal of Photography. Great Britain/France 2020 photograph "A ladder in fron of the ministry"

-Nera di Verzasca - Finalist -  Screened at Verzasca Foto festival, Switzerland 2019
With "The Floating cage"

-Portrait of Humanity - Shortlisted photograph included in book by The British Journal of Photography and  Hoxton  Minipress, Great Britain, 2019. Photograph "Mateo" from "A Limbo for the Youth"

-Premio Eurostars Tower - Shortlisted, and exhibited at Hotel Eurostars Tower Madrid 2017

-Havana Club 7, La noche en una imagen - Shortlisted and exhibited at La fabrica, Madrid 2017

-Celso y Manolo Premios - Second prize, Fotografía Castiza, Madrid 2016

-EXPOSURE AWARD - Selected and shown in the Louvre Museum, Paris 2015

-SONY WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS -  Lifestyle shortlist, shown at Sommerset House, London 2015 with "Ethylics"


-Send me an Image, From Postcards to Social Media. at CO/Berlin, 2021. Exhibited photograph with Der Greif.

-Portrait of Humanity, by BJP, first photography exhibition in Space, 2020 Photograph "Mateo" from "A Limbo for the Youth"

-Open Eyes LOOK Photo Biennal 2019. Shown at MAKE Hamilton Square, Liverpool. "The Floating Cage"

-VIPHOTO 17, Photo Fair, Vitoria, 2017  "A Limbo for the Youth"

-REVELA-T, Analog photography festival, Barcelona, May 2017  "A Limbo for the Youth"

-FLECHA 2016 Contemporary art fair, Madrid february 2016  "Who wrote this crap?"